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Acid Apes Society is a sold out collection consisting 3,333 of your most 'trippiest' ape beings beyond your wildest imagination. They bring mischief and mayhem to the Ethereum blockchain!

Let us ride this high. You might be surprised if you get something out of this trip. We hope you can stomach this drop because it will get trippy!

Ride the High

Acid Apes Society Creedo


written off the walls in Spencer's toilet by

President Ape Charles 'LOCO' Dunston

Untitled_Artwork (1).png

The Prelude

'Dayum what a party it was!' said Spencer. He's just aped in to just another one of those 'frat' parties. This was just another regular night of debauchery and self indulgence... or so he thought. His house may be two blocks away, but he was struggling putting his steps forward one after another. The wild mix of alcohol and drugs are not helping him either. As he trudged along the pavement, a green glint caught his eye.


There was a peculiar glow amongst the bushes. He walks towards it, shifts through the leaves and saw a suspicious glowing green pill. He picks it up. 'I wonder if it is one of those Acid Drops', he thought. As he brought it closer to his field of sight, the more it looked delectable in its green glowing light.


He pops it in his mouth. Moving and playing the pill around with his tongue as it slowly dissolves. It was bitter followed by a sudden burst of a strong sour taste. His face cringed. Suddenly he felt a strong kick in his head. It was throbbing wildly. His mouth was foaming green. The world around him starts to turn. 'Ride the high' said a whisper in his ear. 

He begins to feel like he is about to blow up. All of a sudden colourful balls started popping out of his furry back like colourful projectiles. 'I'm blowing up!' he screamed. He faints from the intensity.


He slowly regains consciousness. His vision blurred, but he felt he was in a familiar space. As he slowly got up, he realised he was on the floor of his home toilet. There were scribbles on his walls. 'Ah! So you're awake master.' said a mysterious voice from the shadows. The figure walks out of the shadows towards Spencer. He froze in fright as he gazed upon an ape that looked out of this world. It has horns. Its head was floating above its torso. There were weird things moving in the cavity of its chest.


'My name is Charles Dunston. You can call me 'LOCO', said the creature. 'Welcome to the Acid Apes Society. We are at your service master.' 


'What do you mean 'we'?' asked Spencer. 'Well, see them for yourself'. As Charles opens the toilet door, Spencer was greeted with a sight of mischief and mayhem. In his living room and all around his home there were Acid Apes jumping and running around. 'What is going on??' Spencer shouted out loud. He was not ready for this 'trip'. 


Acid Apes Society NFT

Acid Apes Society is 3,333 of your most 'trippiest' ape beings with 290 illustrated traits beyond your wildest imagination. They bring mischief and mayhem to the Ethereum blockchain! There is so much to explore and dive in to the various details of these wacky apes. They are classified into five rarity groups. Find them all and collect them! 












Meet the Team

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